Events at The Redwood Curtain @ Humboldt State University


The Redwood Curtain is located along the western boundary of the Arcata Community Forest in the redwood-covered hill above Humboldt State University. Take 14th St. to Union St.—towards the Community Forest. Make a left on Union St and then right, up the hill, on 17th St. Hang a left at the “T” and you will find the course kiosk across from the Redwood Science Lab main entrance. This parking lot is for RSL and related guests only and parking is restricted until 5p.m. Any course visitors should, please, respect our neighbors and refrain from parking in the lot before 5p.m.

The Curtain dates back to the beginning days of HSU Ultimate Frisbee® when, over twenty years ago, you could find HSU students starting to throw plastic at distant objects through the woods—going to show that some things never change. These folks went on to form the impetus for Par Infinity Disc Golf Club and were the first stewards of disc golf in Humboldt County. The Redwood Curtain is an 18 hole course. All par is 3, with many out-of-bounds opportunities, including up-a-tree and water. If you land on a stump, play from your lie without a penalty, this is our local ‘stump rule’. The “fern rule ‘ is always in effect. Don’t step on plants when you walk or play your lie! This course is a rare beauty and represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to golf beneath a canopy of redwoods. Any visitors to the course are encouraged to consider the respect owed to this place. Visitors should also be aware of rare plants and animals they may encounter while in the forest—including the trillium flower and other species.

A guide is needed for first-timers. Random doubles on Sundays at 11:11 a.m. is a great time to get to know the course and meet local players.

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